Hive two 2018

Hive two 2018

23rd January. First visit of the year. It was a warm day getting briefly to 12 degrees centigrade and the bees were flying. I took the opportunity to re-organise the sticky fondand on the crown board - see video
February 17th. More fondant had been eaten - so more given. - see video

Project Details

  • Brood box: - Standard National
  • Age of queen: - unknown. Swarm arrived 2016 into spare supers
  • Type of bees: - Norfolk Mongrels?
  • Honey producers? - gave very good results spring and summer 2017
  • Temperament? - calm and easy to work with spring and summer 2017
  • Swarming? - as they arrived as a swarm then they must swarm on occasions - but showed no desire to swarm in 2017

  • Hive 1

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