Hive three 2015, 2016

Hive Three

Hive three was an empty hive that was adopted by bees in 2015. It was only a cast with a virgin queen. The bee have been fed Summer and Autumn 2015 but not treated. They were not treated during the winter 2015/16

30th April - colony small and weak but the queen is laying. Four frames of brood added.

11th May Brood box and frames from hive two put on over the queen excluder.

18th May Bees shaken into new brood box - two 'old' frames moved in one with queen on beforehand. Brood removed to what will become Hive Four.

25th May Two remaining frmes removed - weather not good

27th May bees swarm most returned to hive but queen 'flew off'

28th May Two frames of brood introduced from hive one.

4th June queens cells on the two frames introduced and on the frame between them - so the queen had laid eggs before swarming.




Set up nuc there too. I stole a frame of bees from each of three colonies in the woods last shaking them into a polly nuc - brought it back from the woods and kept it inside over night with it's entrance blocked. Sited at the end of garden a few feet from hive going it's mite removal process. The Varroa shook swarm hive two old frames

Project Details

  • Brood box - Standard National
  • Queen - 2015
  • Norfolk Mongrels
  • To be assessed for honey making

    Hive 1
    Hive 2