Hive two 2015, 2016

Hive Two

Hive two has not yet (3rd April 2016) had the Varooa Shook Swarm treatment. Neither has it had any treatment during the winter 2015/2016 and must now be suffering a high mite population.

One frame of brood added from hive one.

30th April - colony small and weak but the queen is laying. Four frames of brood added.

11th May colony shaken onto new frames - except for two frames left behind. This colony is the first in a new location. Frames of brood put on hive three.

17th May last two old frames removed. Colony small with eggs only on new wax.

Project Details

  • Brood box: - Standard National
  • Age of queen: - 2015
  • Type of bees: - Norfolk Mongrels
  • Mother of the queen: - The mother of the queen is in the double brood box hive George's garden. Her colony makes a good honey crop.

    Hive 1
    Hive 3