Mite out - Hive2 (2019)

Going into 2019 Hive2 looked strong enough to have supers and a queen excluder put on - and then to be left alone. I left it until the start of June before giving it a full inspection. A few weeks later a took some honey off. Next I replaced the 'old' queen - (but on looking at the videos during editing I'm not sure now that she is an old queen, I think that the bees superseded her and produced a new queen - anyway, she got moved and replaced - but possibly not by a daughter, but a sister). This is a compilation of my visits during 2019. You will see that I don't know what I'm talking about - but the bees know how to cope quite well despite me! - click here

Hive2 2019

A page with all of the vidoes I made in 20019 are here.

The bees in Hive2 were originally an arrived swarm that moved into a spare super (in this apiary) a few years back. The year after they arrived they made a reasonable honey crop and were made part of my chemical free experiment as a comparrison to Hive1.