Mite out - getting rid of Varroa Mites without chemicals (2019)

As we go int 2019 I have ten colonies in my chemical free apiary. The colony I called Hive1 turned into four colonies during 2018 and they all now have 2018 queens. The plan for those is to remove and monitor at least some of the mites early in the season and to compare each for honey production.

One colony came out of the winter without a queen.
One of the swarm hives was very weak
I took out the 'old' queen from the other swarm hive and moved it to the new orchard apiary. That made the bees very angry. Some of the queen cells from that hive were put on the hive that came through the winter without a queen.
One of Hive1's colonies has been shook swarmed and sold - and the frames of brood put on the original Hive1.
Three Hive1 2018 queened colonies (at the start of May) have supers on. Two Hive2 2018 queened colonies have supers on.